Bhutan Computer Incident Response Team (BtCIRT) is a part of Department of Information Technology and Telecom, Ministry of Information and Communication. BtCIRT mission is to enhance cyber security in Bhutan by enabling cyber security information coordination and by establishing computer security incident handling capabilities within the country. The BtCIRT’s mandate has been approved by the Lhengye Zhungtshog/Cabinet vide Government order number C-2/104/310 dated 20th May 2016.The team has commenced its operation from April 2016. For detailed mandate and roles of the team, click here.

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  • Patch and be protected

    Did you apply the SMB patch or are you still waiting for some Malware to destroy your systems. You might have heard that the WannaCry ransomware is under control and there is nothing to worry but unless you patch the systems, there is always going to be another malware …read more »
  • Security Updates from Joomla

    Joomla! 3.7.1  has been released to address a critical security issues in its earlier versions. BtCIRT recommends Users and administrators  to apply patch before the vulnerabilities are exploited and attackers take control of your site.  read more »
  • Security Updates from Cisco

    Cisco has released security updates to address  vulnerabilities in its various products.  Attacker can exploit the vulnerabilities and take control of unpatched systems. BtCIRT recommends  users and administrators to review the Cisco Security Advisory and apply the necessary more »
  • Security Updates for wordpress

    WordPress  version 4.7.5 has be released to address multiple vulnerabilities in earlier versions. Users and administrators are recommended to upgrade wordpress version before the vulnerabilities are exploited and attackers take control of your site. For more details and necessary action please visit: WordPress 4.7.5 .read more »