Bhutan Computer Incident Response Team (BtCIRT) is a part of Department of Information Technology and Telecom, Ministry of Information and Communication. BtCIRT mission is to enhance cyber security in Bhutan by enabling cyber security information coordination and by establishing computer security incident handling capabilities within the country. The BtCIRT’s mandate has been approved by the Lhengye Zhungtshog/Cabinet vide Government order number C-2/104/310 dated 20th May 2016.The team has commenced its operation from April 2016. For detailed mandate and roles of the team, click here.

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  • Some Tips to Secure Websites

      Most of the government Agencies, Corporations and Private firms have now embraced website as means of connecting to their constituencies, disseminating public information and making their services accessible. Due to the always on nature of these public facing sites, they are more exposed to cyber attack. Most of …read more »
  • Security Risk associated with Free Wifi and countermeasures

    Why would anyone pay for each megabyte when one can use it for nothing? The problem is that many of these “ FREE/Public” Wi-Fi networks do not use encryption mechanisms, and therefore are easier for attackers to break into. Since there is no security validation, anyone connected to the …read more »
  • Email Safety and Recovery

    Here are some best practices to safeguard your email accounts and recover them when needed. Login to your account: if password has not been changed, it’s easy. If you cannot login, try “Forgot Password” and or any other  recovery options If all of them have been changed, contact the …read more »
  • Basic Network Security. Tips for Home Users

    Most households now are connected to internet with devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones, gaming devices and TVs accessing wireless networks. First step to keep your home safe from cyber threats is to keep internet-enabled devices running latest (updated, “patched”) operating system, web browsers, security, and other software. Although Wireless …read more »
  • Cyber Security Workshop

    Mr.Adli Wahid, Security Specialist from APNIC(Asia Pacific Network Information Centre) for a 1 day workshop(15th September,2016) at the MoIC Conference Hall, covering Basics of Cybersecurity and Critical Cyber Security Controls. Participants include ICT professionals from the government, autonomous agencies and more »