Cisco Releases Security Updates

Cisco has released security updates to address vulnerabilities in multiple Cisco products. A remote attacker could exploit some of these vulnerabilities to take control of an affected system. ┬áTherefore, BtCIRT recommends users and administrators to review the following Cisco advisories and apply the necessary updates: Industrial Network Director Remote Code Execution Vulnerability cisco-sa-20190605-ind-rce Unified Communications Manager IM&P Service, Cisco TelePresence VCS, and Cisco Expressway Series Denial of Service Vulnerability cisco-sa-20190605-cucm-imp-dos Webex Meetings Server Information Disclosure Vulnerability cisco-sa-20190605-webexmeetings-id TelePresence Video Communication Server and Cisco Expressway Series Server-Side Request Forgery Vulnerability cisco-sa-20190605-vcs Unified Computing System BIOS Signature Bypass Vulnerability cisco-sa-20190605-ucs-biossig-bypass IOS XR […]

Common Phishing Attacks in Bhutan and How to Protect Yourself

Phishing is a method of stealing confidential information by sending fraudulent messages to a victim. It is one of the most prevalent scams in Bhutan.These messages can be sent via email, SMS, social media, instant messenger or phone call. They can look extremely sophisticated and convincing, replicating legitimate messages from reputable senders. As well as featuring official-looking logos and disclaimers, phishing emails typically include a ‘call to action’ to trick us into giving out our most sensitive personal information, from passwords to bank details. Various phishing scams have targeted customers of Bhutan Telecom, TashiCell and Bank of Bhutan(BoB). All citizens […]