Bhutan Cyber Security Week

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Cyber security threats are growing and can affect anyone, and can have a greater impact on social well being and also on the overall country’s economy. During the pandemic there were numerous cases of victims of scams and phishing incidents that have led to financial losses for the victims. Therefore, BtCIRT is initiating a week-long cybersecurity awareness campaign to observe the country’s first ever Cyber Security Week from 20 – 25 December, 2021. It is expected to provide a bigger window of opportunity to create cybersecurity awareness among the general public, educate and inspire students and upskill ICT Professionals. As an important event there is a need to bring on board all key stakeholders for a more collaborative and inclusive approach.

The event is being conducted in partnership with the Financial Institutions Cyber Response Team (FICRT) which consists of members from all the banks and financial institutes and other key players such as ISPs, DHI, Thimphu TechPark Ltd., private entities as well as an International cybersecurity partner and sponsors APNIC , ISOC and Team Cymru.

BtCIRT is pleased to announce the agenda of the cybersecurity week and would hereby like to extend the invitation to interested participants to join the available sessions as outlined below.

  1. Network Security Workshop (20-22 Dec)

During this workshop you will learn some aspects of designing, establishing  and maintaining security for small networks. Please be prepared to install and configure the necessary softwares to follow along with the workshop. We’re also going to cover network security analysis with Wireshark and Tcpdump, and touch upon network management and monitoring.

Detailed Agenda:


  1. Web Application Security Webinar (21-22 Dec)

The Webinar is designed to introduce secure application development and management with measures to combat against cyber threats specific to application vulnerabilities and misconfiguration. The Webinar will help the participants to further strengthen security of their applications through adoption of correct measures and to embed security in the process of software development in future. 

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Detailed Agenda

  1. MANRS for Network Operators(20 Dec)

Insecure routing is one of the most common paths for malicious threats. Now, more than ever, we need a more resilient Internet. Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) is a global initiative, supported by the Internet Society, that provides crucial fixes to reduce the most common routing threats. This workshop will cover various aspects of routing security with demos and labs.

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  1. Cyber Security Awareness Workshop (20-21 Dec)

This awareness workshop is designed to introduce basic cyber security best practices and the prevalent cyber security threats, including ways to safely traverse the online world.

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Day 2

  1. CyberSecurity Conference (23 Dec)

The Cybersecurity conference is the 4th day event of the week-long cyber Security awareness program. It is organized as a mixed mode event with physical and online participants. There are international and local speakers and a panel discussion on ” Cyber Security Preparedness – How seriously are we taking it? ”

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  1. Cyber Hygiene Screening (24-25 Dec)

The final two days of the event will be focused on an exhibition of live cyber security hygiene checks whereby an individual will volunteer to answer the basic cybersecurity questions and also provide their devices for cyber security screening. Basic questions will be regarding the password security to check their strength, examine if the person’s email has been exposed in mega data breaches, and to check if the individuals use genuine software and operating systems, among many others. Due to the current pandemic situation, we will be  targeting the bank customers by installing such stalls in the Bank’s courtyards (BOB, BNB, BDBL). We will also be collaborating with the Ministry of Education for sensitizing cyber-hygiene for school children on the same day.

  1. Fun Activities (20-25 Dec)

In between the above activities, fun activities like social media hashtag challenges, quizzes and Catch The Flag (CTF) will be conducted to keep the participants engaged.

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