Security Updates from Cisco

Cisco has released Security updates addressing  several vulnerabilities affecting multiple products. If left unpatched, attackers could exploit them and gain complete control of the system. Therefore, BtCIRT recommends Users and Administrators to review   Cisco Security Advisories  and apply the necessary updates. Patch and be Protected…

Update from VMware

VMware has released security updates to address vulnerabilities in earlier version of vSphere Data Protection. If left unpatched , attacker could take  control of an affected system. Therefore, users and administrators are encouraged to review VMware Advisory and apply the necessary updates.

Google Chrome update

Chrome version 59.0.3071.86 for Windows, Mac, and Linux to address multiple vulnerabilities in earlier versions. If unpatched, it may allow an attacker to take control of an affected system. Therefore users and administrators are recommended to review the Chrome Releases  and apply the necessary updates. Patch and be protected.

Patch and be protected

Did you apply the SMB patch or are you still waiting for some Malware to destroy your systems. You might have heard that the WannaCry ransomware is under control and there is nothing to worry but unless you patch the systems, there is always going to be another malware that will exploit it. BtCIRT once more reminds all users :  not to click on links or attachments  in emails  unless you are expecting them and have verified their authenticity; Install software patches or updates on all personal and work devices; enable auto updates   Backup your data periodically and secure them. Ensure […]

Security Updates from Joomla

Joomla! 3.7.1  has been released to address a critical security issues in its earlier versions. BtCIRT recommends Users and administrators  to apply patch before the vulnerabilities are exploited and attackers take control of your site.