WannaCry Ransomware

Description: Ransomware is a type of malware that blocks access to computer system either by locking the systems screen or by encrypting files and folders. Usually certain amount(ransom) of money (in bitcoin) is demanded for unlocking the files. For most of the new variants of ransomware, prevention has become the only guard since data recovery after attack is almost impossible. WannaCry is a kind of ransomware, also referred online under various names – WCry, WanaCryptor, WannaCrypt or Wana Decryptor. The attack was based upon a security flaw in Microsoft Windows operating systems(Windows XP through 8.1). Although the patch was released by […]

Cyber Security Workshop

Mr.Adli Wahid, Security Specialist from APNIC(Asia Pacific Network Information Centre) for a 1 day workshop(15th September,2016) at the MoIC Conference Hall, covering Basics of Cybersecurity and Critical Cyber Security Controls. Participants include ICT professionals from the government, autonomous agencies and RBP.

NRD CS with NRD AS and BAIP will implement a national cyber security incident response team (BtCIRT) in Bhutan

NRD CS in joint venture with Norway Registers Development AS and BAIP signed an agreement with Department of IT & Telecom under the Ministry of Information & Communications, the Royal Government of Bhutan for the consultancy services to establish BtCIRT, help identify nation’s critical information infrastructure and ensure its protection. “The Royal Government of Bhutan has prioritized ICT as the principal enabler for a knowledge-based society – a society that learns to learn, with a sound development policy inspired by the philology of Gross National Happiness. The department of IT and Telecom (DITT) under the Ministry of Information and Communications […]