International Membership

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Cyber security incidents are global challenges, and is not confined to specific geo-location or administrative boundaries or specific time zone. Cyber security incident generally originates from many sites, which may be located in various places around the world.With the sophistication and complexity of emerging cyber threats, it has become even more important for CERTs/CIRTs to work collectively to deal with incidents across the globe. For BtCIRT to collaborate with International bodies, the team has sought membership from two globally recognised organisations acclaimed for their proactive support in fostering stronger collaborative relationship. BtCIRT is now member of both FIRST and APCERT.

FIRST stands for Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams. It is a premier organization and recognized global leader in cyber incident response. APCERT stands for Asia Pacific CERT, an organization that maintains a trusted contact network of computer security experts in the Asia Pacific region to improve the region’s awareness and competency in relation to cyber security incidents.