ITU-Bhutan Joint CyberDrill 2022

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The four-days long ITU-Bhutan Joint CyberDrill was conducted  from 11-14 July, 2022.

  • In the Day 1 session, participants learned about the cyber security trends within Bhutan, and global trends as well. A  high-level closed session was also conducted with participation from parliamentarians and high-level executives, where the importance of cybersecurity at all levels were discussed. 
  • In the Day 2 session, participants learned how to set up an incident response team and how to handle incidents. It takes resources, well defined roles and responsibilities, among others things to manage and respond to cybersecurity incidents in an organization or nationally. The importance of risk assessment to identify risks to critical assets was one of the key takeaways. If an organization doesn’t take stock of what they have, they will never get around to protecting their critical assets.
  • In the last 2 days, through the simulated scenarios the participants explored how to identify a cybersecurity incident and how it can be handled both in the IT and OT environments. It introduced the tools and procedures in helping look for signs of incidents within one’s systems, contributing towards building competency in incident response and incident handling.
  • With the CyberDrill, the Department is confident that the participants  will take back the applicable knowledge/skills, and continue to sharpen their skills through self learning and practice.

The department would like to thank International Telecommunication Union – ITU for supporting the department through the generous contribution of the Australian Government and co-organizing the event with the BtCIRT team.