Whatsapp “Huawei New Year Gift” SCAM Alert

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BtCIRT has come across a new scam of Huawei offering New Year free Gifts in Whatsapp, the details of which is as shown in the pictures below:

BtCIRT would like to inform everyone that such gift offers are always too good to be true. The links that are provided in the message are most probably phishing links which are created to steal your login or online credentials (Username & Passwords).

If you have come across this message and have clicked on the links, we advise you to change your credentials as soon as possible and share this advice to your contacts or with whoever you have shared the above scam message.  Don’t forget to enable two factor Authentication for all your online accounts.

For those of you who haven’t received such messages, we would like to advise you to be extra cautious, and for those who received this message, deleted it and reported to BtCIRT, we would like to commend on your good cyber hygiene and awareness. 

Please get in touch with us at cirt@btcirt.bt for reporting scams and cyber incidents and look out for our recent updates in our Facebook page for scam alerts and other relevant information.