Email Safety and Recovery

Here are some best practices to safeguard your email accounts and recover them when needed. Login to your account: if password has not been changed, it’s easy. If you cannot login, try “Forgot Password” and or any other  recovery options If all of them have been changed, contact the mail provider and report compromise or there is nothing much you can do. Since you cannot proceed further. All you can do is to inform via other means to all your contacts(as many as you know) that your email has been hacked and not to respond to any emails from that […]

Cyber Security Workshop

Mr.Adli Wahid, Security Specialist from APNIC(Asia Pacific Network Information Centre) for a 1 day workshop(15th September,2016) at the MoIC Conference Hall, covering Basics of Cybersecurity and Critical Cyber Security Controls. Participants include ICT professionals from the government, autonomous agencies and RBP.

Common Malwares in Bhutan

More than 1,400 different malware families were identified globally by Check Point during a survey carried out in  February 2016 and  39 per cent of malware attacks globally was found to be  caused by the Conficker, Sality, and Dorkbot. The Bhutan Computer Incidence Response Team(BtCIRT) also found out that Conficker and Dorkbot are the most common Malwares affecting Systems in Bhutan. Conficker Conficker is a computer worm that can infect your computer and spreads to other computers across a network , through file sharing or removable drives. This infection allows an attacker to access users’ personal information such as banking […]

SNMP Vulnerability

Simple network Management Protocol(SNMP) runs UDP port 161 and 162 and is a widely deployed protocol used to monitor and Manage network Devices: to obtain information on and even configure various network devices remotely. It runs on any network device from hubs to routers and network printers to servers. SNMP clients also run in many workstations and Personal Computers. SNMP is also used in most of the network management packages for information gathering. Thought type and amount of data that can be accessed via SNMP depends upon the device on which it runs, it generally provides details of the hardware […]


Ransomware is a type of malware that blocks access to computer system either by locking the systems screen or by encrypting files and folders usually demanding a ransom to unlock. For most of the new variants of ransomware, prevention has become the only guard since data recovery after attack is almost impossible.Though no huge harm has been done in Bhutan till date by Ransomware, personnel drives and PCs have been found infected and the trends elsewhere could soon be in. Statistics from Microsoft depicting  Ransomware trends from December 2015 to May 2016 is as below: Source: Most of the […]